About Us

Beyond Chemicals Building Partnership

Yasham means “Success”. With trust and transparency as our guiding principles we are on the path to grow. Welcome to our humble enterprise and our philosophy – Beyond Chemicals Building Partnership.

We started in 1997 with Indenting of Pharma products as our core competence but today we have evolved into six specialized divisions namely Pharma, Personal Care, Chemicals, Veterinary, Exports, Food & Nutraceutical and Construction. Yasham offers boutique of niche products, offering cutting edge technology.

We possess well-qualified personnel and domain experts who cater to all the industries. Every individual in our team is committed to the common objectives of Yasham, and is ready to walk the extra mile in order to achieve our goals. We are a team of committed individuals with undoubted leadership qualities and proven track records.

Yasham is a respected brand not just amongst our customers, but also our suppliers and employees too. Yasham is, and will always be - Beyond Chemicals Building Partnership.

Our Mission

We continue to be a reliable source for customers and suppliers that deliver value through products and services. Growth through Green chemistry with focus in social responsibility and corporate governance. Continuously create new opportunities for growth in strategic business.

Our Vision

To be an innovator enriching the planet  by providing sustainable solutions for Personal Care, Health  Care,  Civil Engineering, International Trade Industries, through Global connect. By being an equal opportunity employer supported  by good corporate governance. Creative solution provider in  B2B segment ensuring CSR  compliance

Our Infrastructure