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Trade Name INCI Name Origin Properties & Functions
adHERO™ GE 167 Sodium Acylate / Vinylacetamide Co-polymer JAPAN
  • New water soluble polymer. Water soluble polymer which is solvent-philic and can be used mainly as adhesive
  • High bonding ability to the skn.
  • The molecular weight of adHERO GE 167 is very high, it can form film. Able to be washed off with water / Poultice effect / Adhesive to area wet with perspiration, antiseptics or body fluids / increase of water reservation rate in the base.
MC 300 Hydrogenated Polyisobutene FRANCE
  • Universal cosmetic base oil, known as light liquid isoparaffin which has excellent feel and spreading & good water proofing properties.
  • It is an emollient, moisturizer and restores skin suppleness
  • Soluble in main sunscreen filters, enhances SPF retention after water exposure
  • Pigment dispersing agent for decorative cosmetics 2% to 45%
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