Functional Resin Products

This is world’s first ground-breaking emulsion that has been developed using the unique polymerization technology. The product is extensively used and highly rated as it leverages the features of vinyl chloride to provide excellent dispersion of colorant, chromogenic flame resistance etc. It consist of Vinyl Chloride with Acrylic Ester and Vinyl Acetate.

Product Applications
Vinyl chloride emulsions Textile treatment -flame-retardant
Acrylic ester emulsion Textile treatment-flame-retardant
Paint Binder
Ink Binder
Offset printing(Media use)
Vinyl acetate emulsion Paint Binder/Ink Binder
Adhesion to Glass fiber
Aqueous Solution Paint Binder/Ink Binder


Chaline® is a silicone / acrylic hybrid resin, which offers the superior tribological properties of silicone resin and acrylic resin’s excellent compatibility with other types of resin. It realizes the long-lasting improvement of the sliding properties for a variety of resins.

Available in two forms

  • CHALINE ® R – Powder
  • CHALINE ® E – Emulsion


Chaline ® R is a powder-type product that maximizes sliding performance for a variety of resin. It is compatible with many synthetic resins due to it being acrylic-modifies silicone and forms polymer alloys.


  • Powder Type
  • Compatible with many synthetic Resins due to presence of Acrylic Modified Silicone & forms Polymer Alloys.
  • Superior & long – lasting sliding properties
  • Superior Abrasion Resistance.


  • Plastics
  • Synthetic leather
  • Synthetic Rubber
  • Automobile parts – Glass Run Channels, Weather strips, Side Mouldings, Mats, Head rests, Arm rests, Dashboards etc.
  • Construction materials – Window frame gaskets & packaging
  • Hoses – Industrial Hoses, Civil Engineering Hoses, High- Grade Garden Hoses, Home appliance Hoses etc.
  • Electric Wiring – Abrasion Resistant, Electric wires, Cab tyre cable sheaths, Wire harnesses, Power line sheaths etc.
  • Sheets & films – High grade leather/sheets, Table cloths, Tarpaulins, Flooring, Flexible containers of curing sheets.


A lubricant coating derived from our experience of adding sliding properties to Chaline ® R-170S, together with the acrylic resin’s film forming ability. It builds a lubricating water-resistant film which improved wear resistance as well as weather resistance, reduces noise, refines the texture and more. The emulsion is environment friendly too, as it is water-based.


  • Water based Emulsion Type
  • Builds Lubricating Water-Resistance film- improving Wear Resistance as well as Weather Resistance, Noise Reduction, Refining Texture
  • Environmentally friendly.


  • Bar coating
  • Additive for Base Coat
  • Dip-Dry Coating
  • Rubber Products
  • Plastic Products
  • Miscellaneous films

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OLFINE , which is an acetylenic surfactant, not only lowers surface tension dramatically but also exhibits a defoaming effect, and is therefore widely applied as a “Defoaming Wetting Agent ‘ and a “Defoaming Agent without Causing Surface Defects such as Repellence” to various waterborne materials. Much focus is being placed on environmental issues due to restrictions on solvents and various regulations, and, in such circumstances, attention is being paid to these functions of OLFINE to make OLFINE an essential additive for solving the problems of wetting, foam, and dispersion.

OLFINE wetting agents have both excellent wettability and foam inhibiting properties and exhibit the following effects.

  • Provides low surface tension and low contact angle to waterborne materials
  • Enables recoating due to non-silicone-based compositions
  • Non-fluorine-based compositions
  • Enables coating on difficult-to-wet base materials such as plastics
  • Enables high speed printing/high speed coating due to its low dynamic surface tension
  • Eliminates the need for defoaming agents due to foaming inhibition properties
  • Enables quick penetration into porous materials
  • Levelling agents
  • Function as a multifunctional wetting agent
  • Wetting agent with rust prevention effect
  • Wetting agent with plasticizing effect
  • Wetting agent with electrical conductivity

Two Defoaming effects simultaneously achieved with OLFINE

  • Foam breaking effect removes bubbles left on surfaces
  • Foam inhibiting effect removes bubbles remaining inside

OLFINE can also be used as a dispersant with such functions as wettability and defoaming properties.


  • Enables instantaneous dispersion and stabilization of pigments and fillers.
  • Enables the concentration of pigments and fillers to increase while maintaining low viscosity.
  • Improves tinting strength – enables coloration at a lower concentration.
  • Minimizes dispersion time.
  • Improves concealing power

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