Active > Hair Care Actives from Marine Plants

Trade Name INCI Name Origin Properties & Functions
BLUE SEAKALE® HC Aqua/Water-Butylene Glycol-Crambe maritima leaf extract FRANCE
  • Hair colour protector, Bio-mimetic binding with protective effect (amino acid) decreases lipidic oxidation. Bio-minetic binding with protective effect (amino-acids) contacins polyphenols), decreases lipidic oxidation
INULA® HC (ECOCERT) Caprylic /Capric Triglyceride-lnuls crithmoide leaf/flower extract FRANCE
  • Stimulates scalp regeneration, Protects hair from external aggression, reinforces and maintains hair cohesion.
SATIN MARINE® / SEA SATIN® (ECOCERT) Caprylic/Capric Triglycerise - Beta Vulgaris (beet) root extract FRANCE
  • Hair treatment from root tips, stimulates cell regeneration, moisturizes, Anti-inflammation, Free radicals scavenger, Restructures and maintains scale cohesion, volume, brightness, smoothness.
SEA LAVENDER®HC Aqua/Water-Butylene Glycol-limonium gerberi extract FRANCE
  • Anti-static electricity, increases hydration, isolates moisture
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