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Trade Name INCI Name Origin Properties & Functions
ALARIANE® /ALARIANE AD® Aqua/Water - Butylene Glycol - Algae Extract FRANCE
  • Protects hair fiber from external aggressions
  • Perfect for unruly, wavy or wispy curled hair
AMBRE OCEANE® / PELVETIANE® Aqua/water - Pelvetia Canaliculata Extract FRANCE
  • Regulates physiological balance
BIOEXTENDER® / BIOEXTENDER SPE® Hydrolyzed Rhdophycea Extract FRANCE
  • Increase blood micro-circulation (sulfated polysaccharides)
  • Hair elasticity, resistance and flexibility enhancer.
  • Increases resistance at breaking point, re-mineralization.
BIOPLASMA® FA Aqua /water - Butylene glycol - Plankton extract - Arginine ferulate FRANCE
  • Transforms, H2O2 into water and molecular oxygen, Moisturizes, increases cellular respiration
  • Reprograms and optimizes global cellular activity, effective amplifier for all cosmetics activities
BIORESTORER® Aqua/water - Butylene Glycol - Hypnea musciformis extract FRANCE
  • Reconstructs protective film
BIOTXTENDER® Hydrolyzed Rhodophycea extract FRANCE
  • Increase resistance at breaking point , Re-mineralization
CERAMIANE® Propylene Glycol - Aqua /water - Ceramium rubrum extract FRANCE
  • Reinforces cuticles
DENTACTIVE® Aqua / Water - Fucus serratus extract FRANCE
  • Reduces gum bleeding (gingivorhagia) through its phlorotannins content
ESCULANE® (ECOCERT) Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride-Algae Extract - Laminaria digitata extract FRANCE
  • Scalp purifying factor. Reduces dandruff, increases keratinocyte production of SKALP/elafin, soothes and tones scalp.
GELALG® Aqua /water - Chondrus crispus (carrageenan) extract FRANCE
  • Film forming effect through binding of carrageenan with skin proteins
LAMINAINE MARINE® Aqua /water - propylene glycol - Laminaria achroleuca extract FRANCE
  • Free radicals scavenger, protects HSP vs UV, Anti-MMP, 1, 2, 3 and 9, Stimulates syndecan and collagen synthesis, post applications
  • Inhibits 5 alpha-reductase, Inhibits protease, prevents scar appearance
OLIGOPHYCOCORAIL® Aqua/water - hydrolyzed coralina officinalis FRANCE
  • Compensates for loss of minerals due to intense effort or high temperatures, catalyst of bio-chemical reactions
PHLOROGINE® Aqua / water - Propylene glycol - Laminaria saccharina extract FRANCE
  • Anti-lipastic
  • It regulates skin ecosystem (bacterial flora) (contains polyuronides)
PHYCOBOREANE® Aqua /water - Laminaria hyperborea extract FRANCE
  • Lipolytic activity (activation of protein kinase A)
PHYCOCORAIL® Corallina officinalis extract FRANCE
  • Absorbs infra-red radiations
  • Protects DNA. Free radicals scavenger
  • Anti-photo-aging
PHYCOLANINE® Aqua/water - Laminaria achroleuca extract FRANCE
  • Stimulates tyrosinase activity
  • increase skin pigmentation
PYRENOINE® Butylene Glycol - Aqua/water - Alage extract FRANCE
  • Free Radicals scavenger, Protects against peroxidation
RHODYSTEROL® Propylene glycol diethylhexanoate - Gelidum Cartilagineum extract FRANCE
  • Stimulates lipolysis, stimulates draining and waste elimination, reduces size of adipocytes layer
SCULPTOSANE® Aqua/water - Butylene glycol - Plankton extract - Arginine ferulate FRANCE
  • Reduction of adipose tissue expansion, reduction of pre-adipocyte differentiation
  • Lipogenesis / angiogenesis, EMC remodeling / water reduction in fatty tissue.
SEVE MARINE® Aqua/water - Algae extract FRANCE
  • Improves dynamic and static hydration , stimulates formulation of corneodesmosomes, restores corneocyte cohesion, regulates desquamation
SUPERPHYCO D® Aqua / water - Propylene glycol - Algae extract FRANCE
  • Reduces formation of free radicals (superoxide and hydroxyl radicals)
PHLOROGINE® Aqua / water - Propylene glycol - Laminaria saccharina extract
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