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Trade Name INCI Name Origin Properties & Functions
PURPLE RICE EXTRACT Mixture of anthocyanine Glycosides such as cyandin 3 glucoside, Malvidin 3 galactoside, Peonidin 3-glucoside JAPAN
  • Purple Rice Extract: inhibited hyaluronidase, inhibiting the degradation of Hyaluronic acid is involved in cell adhesion and protection, formulation of skin tissue, water retention in tissue and the maintenance of flexibility in the skin
  • Natural hair colour
SEPICAP™ MP Amino Acid & Panthenol zBiovector FRANCE
  • Grafted siliconized panthenol chain for better hair affinity, with cocyl amino acid cocktail for hair, & scalp treatment.
  • Protection against oxidative stress, on preventive or curative treatment
  • Stimulation of cell’s division
  • Ideal in hair growth, better than Panthenol
  • Protection of Keratin breakdown after UV exposure
  • Protection of flaking of scales
  • Stimulation of cell’s division when hair is heated during hair drying (Thermo activating effect)
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