Ink & Coating

Vinyl Chloride – Vinyl Acetate Copolymer Resin products (SOLBIN)

This resin is a modified product that combines the chemical resistance and toughness of Vinyl Chloride with the plasticity and strong adhesiveness of Vinyl Acetate, together with other polar groups for improved solubility and adhesiveness.

Characteristics Applications
  • Better solubility in Ketones and Esters
  • Imparts tasteless, odourless, and transparent film on substrate which exhibits water resistant properties
  • High Resistance to Acids, Alkalies and Brine solutions
  • Coating films have thermoplastic, fire retardant and heat sealable properties
  • Compatible with Urethane and Melamine based resins
Printing Inks
  • Gravure inks
  • Flexo inks
  • Marine paints (Ship bottom paints)
  • Strippable paints
Coating and Adhesive Processing
  • Ink jet printing papers / films
Heat transfer papers

For SOLBIN grades and their specifications

Grade Composition (% by Weight) Viscosity (mPa.s) Features Applications

VC Vac Other

A 92 3 5(f 220(a * Compatible with urethane, alkyd, acrylic, melamine, and urea resins * Rotogravure ink
* Heat-seal 
* Internal beverage can coating 
* Ship bottom paint (Marine Paint) 
* Automobile interiors coating
AL 93 2 5(f 70(a * less viscous than grade A
TA5R 88 1 11(f 130(a * Favorably disperses pigments
*Highly soluble in ethyl acetate
* Rotogravure ink
M5 85 14 1(d 130(a *Strongly adheres to metals such as Aluminium * Adhesives  for Aluminum & metal
* Heat-seal lacquer
C 87 13
150(a *highly resistant to water and chemicals * Heat-seal 
* Internal beverage can coating 
* Rotogravure ink
* Silk screen ink 
* Top coating on galvanized color iron plate
* ink  jet ink
* Heat transfer paper & film
CL 86 14
60(a * Less viscous than grade C
* Highly soluble

Notes: The values in the table are representative values, not standard values.
a) Resin concentration: 20wt%,solvent;
MIBK /toluene = 1/1 measured by Type B viscometer(25°C)
d) Dicarboxylic acid
f) Vinyl alcohol

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