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The world’s leading decision makers rely for strategic patent information support. Our services with blend of global resources and technology helps clients map out strategies with confidence to act decisively in times of change. We have initiated IP services in 2014 and are successfully catering to national and international clients.


Novelty & Patentability Search

Novelty Searches/Patentability Searches are conducted to determine if a particular invention meets the patentability criteria in terms of novelty and non-obviousness/inventive step.

Prior Art Searches are, generally, conducted before incurring cost into patent drafting, patent filing and prosecution of a patent encompassing any invention. Searches are also helpful in evaluating all the potential applications, commercial potential, market size and competition. etc.

Invalidity / Opposition Searches

Invalidity searches involve conducting a patent and non-patent literature search to identify prior art literature that might affect the validity of a granted patent. Based on our experience over time, we have been able to standardise patent searching process to provide quick turnaround for Patent invalidity / opposition searches at a cost-effective price.

Claim Mapping

Claim mapping analysis is done to support decision making during litigation proceedings and licensing deals. The claim mapping analysis involves mapping of the claims of a patent to a product description or a technical document. The claim(s) considered for this analysis are usually the independent claim(s) of the patent document.

Citation Analysis

The world’s patent literature is increasingly recognized as the leading source of knowledge on technology developments. However the sheer quantity of available patent data (>60 million patents and growing at 1.9 million patents per year) can overwhelm traditional patent analysis methods. We use patent citation data to form visual patent networks to highlight the leading patents and technology clusters in any targeted technology.

File Wrapper Services

A review of the file wrapper or file history is quiet crucial for litigation proceedings as well as during licensing negotiations. We offer to deliver complete File Wrapper of different countries.

Patent Filing + Prosecution in India

We offer end-to end Patent Filing and Prosecution Services to patent practitioners, innovators & businesses in various technological domains. Our experienced team will help clients in filing and prosecuting their patent applications in Indian Patent Offices.

Patent Landscaping

We provide comprehensive patent landscaping analysis which is useful to gain an overview of a technology, competitors and chronological development in a field of technology.

In addition, it can also help to better evaluate the economic value of patent portfolio.

Our landscape analysis can also be used to identify:

  • Idea generation
  • Gathering knowhow during research and development
  • Identifying white spaces and gaps in the technology areas
  • To track competitor activities
  • Analyzing one’s own portfolio to identify key patents and patents not central to core technologies
  • Understanding key trends in the market from an IP perspective

Case Studies

Case Studies

Case Studies