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Trade Name INCI Name Origin Properties & Functions
DUB B 12-15 ALKYL BEZOATE C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate FRANCE
  • Emollient –hair lubricant, sun and perfume solubilizing, suspension agent for anti-perspirants, good solvent.
DUB SSIC (ECOCERT) Isocetyl Stearoyl Stearate FRANCE
  • Liquid emollient, soft ester with cushion effect, good dispersant, conditioner, skin care, make-up, suncare.
  • It should be used in organics cosmetics products.
SKYLINE C10 - C18 Triglycerides and Polyisoprene and Acetylated Glycol Stearte and Glycine Soja Oil and Lecithin ITALY
  • Used to disperse pigments, insoluble powders like titanium dioxide, sunscreen powders, lacquers, texturizers agents, iron oxides etc. colour uniformity and no residue.
  • It provides uniform paste with easy process. Able to disperse 150% of pigment
RADIA 7751 Disoamyl Sebacate MALAYSIA
  • It is a multipurpose natural emollient with excellent solubility performance for UV filters
DUB ZENOAT (ECOCERT) Propandiol Dicaprilate FRANCE
  • 100% Vegetable, DUB ZENOAT should be used in organics cosmetics products, silicones alternatives. Excellent spreading, satin-smooth effect, remarkable skin feels.
  • All skin care sprays deo stick, mono and biphasic make-up removers, oils and creams for massage, after shave, cleansing lotions, body milk, not modify the viscosity of surfactant in liquid soap, suncare formulations, make-up, and hair care-oil.
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