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Trade Name INCI Name Origin Properties & Functions
ADIPOLESS™ Butylene Glycol & Chenopodium Quinoa seed extract FRANCE
  • 'Preventive' slimming product : quinoa extract reduces the quantity of functional adipocytes to maintain a slim figure
  • Recruitment of pre-adipocytes is curbed: anti-MMP9 action. Supplies to pre-adipocytes are depleted : neo-vascularization is inhibited
  • Combination of adipoless TM/adiposlim TM is the perfect slimming programmer to remove existing cellulite & prevent from new cellulite on the same
ADIPOSLIM™ (ECOCERT) Sorbitan Laurate & Lauroyl Proline FRANCE
  • Curative slimming product for size 0 adipocytes
  • Anti-fatty deposits effect : an "anti-storage" action limits entry of fats into the adipocytes
  • Caffeine-like effect: a destocking action destroys fat inside the adipocytes. Fatty acids, the result of the triglyceride lipolysis, are recycled into cellular energy (ATP) to avoid restocking
  • Combine with adipoless for enhanced efficacy
  • Low molecular weight organic iodine (thus non proteic) for body contour treatment (cosmetic cellulitis). Does not give free iodine, very stable and non-irritating, improves skin tropism and reduces fact deposits.
  • Several limitations of the reaction which produce iodine amine exist, overlooking that iodotrat is not the simple result of that reaction but the end result of a specific procedure for the stabilization of iodine and its capacity to be modified by membrane receptor (beta-receptors of mastcell)
  • Ingredient for emulsion, monophase aqueous & hydroalcoholic gels surfactant preparation
  • It does not inhibit the foaming capabilities of surfactant
SEPICALM™ S WP Sodium Cocyl Amino Acids and Sarcosine and magnesium asparate and potassium aspartate FRANCE
  • Combination of science and pleasure for this blissful active ingredient which effectively moisturizes sensitive or irritated skin. It reduces skin inflammation from any types: radical, elastase, hyaluronidase, lipo-oxygenase irritated skin, UV irritated skin, mechanically irritated skin
  • Dedicated to sensitive skin, hair & scalp colour treatment, after shave, depilatory creams, sun care & after sun care
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